A Letter From Our Founder

November 11, 2020 By 0 Comments

It’s with great pride that we launch our brand new website, which comes not long after Arize celebrated its fourth birthday. Our talented team of 14 has been working away behind the scenes to make it happen, and we’re thrilled to finally share it with you.

Much like my two toddlers, Arize never sleeps – we always have something to get better at, and we want the most for our clients. We have achieved many memorable wins over the last four years, grown an impressive list of clients who remain loyal, and expanded our scope of services to include specialist skills and products, while maintaining a close-knit culture.

Today, Arize does more than publicity – we also specialise in brand architecture creation, crisis communications, reputation management, media training and more. Our new website showcases our services in their entirety, highlighting all the ways in which Arize has grown since 2016. We’re not afraid to do things differently – we are no ordinary agency and our clients are no ordinary businesses. 

The Arize team comprises individuals who all bring something unique to the table – with our powers combined, we make an unstoppable force, bringing together a variety of skills, experience and knowledge. Our people have truly made this company their own. We’re not just a workplace – we’re a group of friends.

Of course, this hasn’t been an easy year for any business, but our team has shown tenacity in the face of challenge and continued to deliver exceptional results. This year has given us time to stop and reflect, and work on some projects that have fallen to the backburner in the past, such as this website.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Arize, and look forward to partnering with you soon.