Executive and CEO publicity.

With research showing 40% of an organisation’s reputation is a reflection of senior executives’ behaviour and their public profile, media preparation and training is essential. A dedicated publicist can deliver tailored, industry-specific solutions for strategy, executive media coaching and profile-building opportunities. Suffice to say, a brogue or a stiletto will never meet with the mouth.

Strategy development.

We can’t foresee the future, but at least we can plan for it. Many clients choose us to develop a 6 or 12-month strategy and messaging book. This includes a story timeline, stakeholder engagement, awards, speaking opportunities, marcomms activities like events and database communications.

Media relations.

The best stories are led by a compelling hero. It’s this belief that guides our unique approach. Rather than start with the brand, we first look to who is standing behind it. Putting a face to a business helps convey your brand’s personality and makes it affable, not standoffish. We look for the human story, and make it meaningful. We help break down the walls so your customers don’t have to climb them to reach your business. It’s all about finding authentic stories. Only then will we provide media outlets the insight they need and a kit to cut through the noise so you can be heard. Content for opinion pieces, articles, and even photo shoots are taken care of. This holistic approach means our clients enjoy the same success with Australia’s most prolific journalists and digital media as with popular bloggers and vloggers. Above all, we understand that media coverage is just one of the many indicators of success. We think beyond today’s headlines, to what will build your business tomor

Reputation management and issues communications.

The most prudent form of crisis management is prevention. We’re engaged by proactive clients to foresee potential crises, and by others to douse the flames. We can deliver a channel specific messaging strategy to avoid further fuelling any PR fire, and reduce potential legal and reputational implications. With proven risk management credentials – and a team that extends across the globe – we’re well placed to protect your brand’s local and international reputation.

Internal communications.

While we can be blindsided by outward appearances, the most powerful changes happen from the inside out. Effective internal communication can make ripples far beyond and create brand advocates that promote the merits of your business with complete authenticity. With a vested interest now, they can become natural ambassadors for where the business can go in the future. The whole team can feel a sense of purpose and pride.

Partnerships and collaborations.

In the connected age, leveraging associations and collaborations represents a major opportunity. We pair clients with complementary brands and creators. Then we tell the story. Our vast network means we have companies and influencers waiting to join hands with your brand.

We find the most interesting nuggets of information.

It takes an eager eye and a keen ear to find the real story. Sometimes it’s amidst the seemingly everyday things that we find a connection to help endear you to an audience. We work so closely with our clients we become personal, trusted advisors – an extension of your team. Above all, we never ‘spin’ stories. The truth well told is the most compelling story of all.

We build your profile, and in turn, build the profile of your business. But media coverage is only one of the many indicators of success. We look farther and wider – to the best publicity campaigns and practices the world over, helping identify opportunities for ongoing success.

We don’t close the book until we have pursued the best path to make your brand recognised, heard, preferred and known. And your business objectives are one step closer to being realised.

It’s this commitment to our clients – combined with a comprehensive suite of services – that’s seen some of the biggest names award us repeat business.

The Arize team were a joy- they are enthusiastic, professional and care for their clients. They achieved excellent results for Moonlit Sanctuary and were a fabulous support to me promoting the Awards program more broadly.

Cath Newell - Communications Consultant to the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards