Hire People, Not Resumes

November 20, 2020 By 0 Comments

One of our core beliefs is that hiring practices should be based on people, not resumes. Because so much of our work is rooted in fostering positive relationships with clients, the media and each other, the people we hire are our company’s greatest asset – and a list of qualifications and work experience doesn’t necessarily tell you who someone is.

Face to face interactions (in person or, more recently, over video conference programs such as Zoom) allow us to hear tone, interpret physical responses to questions and get a better understanding of a person. It is important for us to assess not only whether the candidate would be a good fit for Arize, but also whether we’d be a good fit for them. We live and breathe our company values, and we want the people working for us to be excited to come to work every day and be a part of something great. 

We’re all about continued growth and ‘mushing in’ to get things done – skills are shared this way, and we believe this is one of the best ways to become and continue to be a team of gun publicists, writers and humans.

It’s been proven that industry-specific experience doesn’t always necessarily equate to on-the-job performance – someone who ticks all the right boxes and key selection criteria points is not necessarily always the right candidate, or a good team fit. With new beginnings come fresh ideas and ways of thinking.

We’re proud of the team we have at Arize, and proud of the stories we tell on behalf of our clients. Our company culture prioritises people over dollars, flashy university degrees or extensive CVs, and so far it’s working out great for us – we couldn’t do what we do with any other team, and our clients will attest that it’s the people that make Arize so special.