International Women’s Day: what it means to us

March 8, 2022 By 0 Comments

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day – an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women around the world while also acknowledging ongoing efforts to incite positive change. To mark this important day, we asked the women of Arize to reflect on why the day resonates with them and who the inspirational women in their lives are.


What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

 “I believe International Women’s Day is about the diversity of women. It is a day of listening to the different experiences of women: whether they’re in the LGBTQIA+ community, women of colour, women of a diverse range of backgrounds, women with different abilities, and those who are gender non-conforming. It is a day to celebrate being a woman, whatever that may mean to each individual who identifies as one. It is a day of inclusivity.” – Josie

“To me, IWD is a day of celebration of women’s strength and perseverance in the fight for equality, recognition of the past struggle’s women have endured to better the future, and of solidarity and support for one and other.“ – Jemima

“International Women’s Day is a day where I can be proud for who I am and all the things I’ve achieved. It encourages me to embrace my gender and support other women around me.” – Kathy

“I believe this day holds enormous amounts of power for future female generations, inspiring and changing the pathways for women. To me, it is a day that allows women to stand together united, celebrating and reflecting on the outstanding achievements that women worldwide have made and the progress that will continue forever.” – Sammy

“Each year, IWD is an amazing opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the incredible women that I am surrounded by. I feel lucky to be working with a team of so many inspiring women every day and today is as great opportunity to reflect and feel grateful for that.”- Molly


What do you like about working in a business that is passionate about empowering everyone, without bias?

“Seeing the way in which women flourish when they are given a safe space to think openly and freely without fear of judgement or being shut down.“ – Jemima

“I love that we are always learning from each other. Arize is made up of smart, passionate, and kind women of all ages and stages of life. We are a combination of confident young women who are not afraid to ask for what is important to them, and experienced women who lead by example. We are open and honest around the challenges that women face both today and in the future. Arize makes me excited for what the future holds for women and girls.” – Meg

“It feels like being in a workplace where I am understood, my feelings and worries are taken without any judgement. I’m more confident to speak up without any fears or intimidation and I feel like I am appreciated by my colleagues.” – Kathy

“At Arize, I love that I am surrounded by so many intelligent, inspiring, and driven woman in my workplace.” – Tahli

“The thing I love most about working in a primarily female business is the opportunity to learn from the women around me. We have a team of fierce, passionate, and inspiring women, and each one has so much to offer. The next generation must see influential female leaders, and Arize is lucky to have them at every level of the business.” – Laura


Who is a special woman in your life and why?

“Hermione Granger – Harry and Ron would have been screwed without her.” – Jemima

“My Nonna! A woman who has not only built three generations, but who has also worked as a carer, consultant, and educator within the Victorian Mental Health System, working with members of culturally diverse and immigrant communities.” – Gen

“My daughters – they are my everything. I look at them and love how confident, strong minded and totally remiss of negativity and judgement they are. I wish it could stay this way. They back themselves every minute of the day.” – Honi

“Mum. She has gone through so much throughout her life and coming from an older generation, she was taught to think that getting married and having kids was the most successful a woman can get. Thus, without living out her dream of becoming a spokesperson of her own country, she gave birth to my brother and me. I’m thankful for her for giving me a life but also working so hard to make sure I am free to achieve any goals I want to achieve without goals being forced upon me. I love my mum.” – Kathy

“My bestie D’arcy! She’s special because she’s courageous, walks to the beat of her own drum and has this amazing way of looking at things from various perspectives. She’s sensitive but badass and empowers all women in her life through a no bs approach.” – Maddie

“It is definitely a stereotypical answer, but my Mum is a very special woman. She has demonstrated to me the importance of hard work and persistence, but also that you can let your emotions shine through whilst still being a professional, successful person.” – Molly 

“My Ukrainian grandmother (Baba) is the strongest women in my life who has taught me strength, kindness, resilience, and perseverance. During the second world war, she was taken from her village and forced to work in a war camp until she was released and marked as a displaced person. She met my grandfather in the camp and they were given the opportunity to go to Australia.” – Nicole


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