Lifting the ceiling for start-up success.

November, 2017

Client: The Room Xchange

In an era of disruption, the crowded market of start-ups demands a novel approach. So we deemed that this farsighted start-up offering users rent-free accommodation in exchange for chipping in around the home needed a PR strategy with equal vision.

The Arize approach was to profile the founder and CEO, Ludwina Dautovic, focusing on her personal story, unique entrepreneurial
experiences and the unique business opportunity of The Room Xchange. We identified the brand could be tied to helping ease issues in society such as housing affordability, time and cost stressed households, and the high costs of childcare. Linking the story to these issues helped us open up a world of media opportunity.

The strategy paid dividends and with the help of notable brand advocates, we garnered over 70 PR pieces before launch to the value of $490,000.

Based on the reach and readership of the coverage, between 760k – 1.1 million people had heard or read of The Room Xchange through editorial. Oh, and we launched with 400 members.

Honi crafted a plan to utilise my existing profile to build the company’s profile. It was a great plan. The media we achieved in the last 12 months has been phenomenal and has put our company on a trajectory that has since led to a successful first capital raise. I believe the media achieved played a significant role in establishing the value within our company and the needs it will be fulfilling on a social and economic level in Australia and beyond.”

Ludwina-founder and CEO of The Room Xchange