Positive Footprint

January, 2018


This report will be dedicated to the bright future of healthier cities, to the new approach of urbanism and the strong meaning of “community”. It is time to re-connect with what we had from the very beginning: Nature. Let’s jump on the “Do good – Feel Good” wave and transform this trend to a constant swell.


Healthy Architecture


In this short movie, Monocle studies the problematic of rethinking architecture in cities for a healthier cohabitation and a better living.

Source: Monocle 


Farmer’s Park House Cloud


Imagine if we had a rainy cloud above our head on a sunny day? Well, it is now possible thanks to Matthew Mazzotta’s genius house cloud that recycles water and makes your plants happy. A poetic invention that gives farmers a moment of peace.

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Kibera Hamlets takes children out of the gutter


Kibera, located in Nairobi, is the biggest slum in Africa where 10% of the young population is HIV positive. Kibera Hamlets, a community-based organisation paired with a prestigious Spanish architecture firm, SelgasCano, to build a school that generates hope.

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Yin Yang Enclosure for Pandas in Copenhagen Zoo


When architecture becomes an extrapolation of portraiture, it is simply illustrated by fundamentals of love. The talented firm Bjarke Ingels Group, designed the circular nest rooted in Chinese symbolism and panda psychology to house two giant pandas, a memorable gift from the Chinese government. It will open in 2018.

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Future of Urbanism and Positive Footprint Projects


The concept of Baugruppen, or building group in German, might hit the streets of Perth and Western Australia very soon. This new vision of urbanism gathers together a community focused on ecological and sustainable building, social benefits with an emphasis on green spaces.

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