Our Services

Words are in everything we do. With experience across many facets of communications, we use our skills to create smart strategies and memorable campaigns.

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Contemporary PR

We create PR for the future. From digital stunts to social media management and influencer engagement, we get the right eyes on brands and people, in a distinctly modern way.

PR/Media Relations

We know the right people and strategies to position brands in a strong, memorable way.

Executive and CEO Publicity

Positioning executives and CEOs as experts in their fields, we build profiles and create opportunities with lasting impact.

Reputation Management & Crisis Communication

Every business needs strategies around crisis and reputation management. From media training and response registers to internal protocols, we prepare organisations to manage the worst situations in the best way.

Influencer & Ambassador Engagement

We implement timely and diverse influencer campaigns from start to finish. We have fresh ideas that deliver powerful and memorable results. Our relationships with influencers and talent managers allow us to promote your brand and communicate with your target audience.

Corporate Affairs 

From the top to the bottom, we ensure that our clients have seamless relationships with their stakeholders, engaging with them on every level.

Media Events, Launches & Activations

Good products and services deserve attention. We work with our clients to create memorable events and launches, ensuring that their work enters the world with a bang.

Messaging & Communication

From company webinars to change management, we help our clients communicate clearly with their staff and stakeholders to ensure clear, strong messaging every step of the way.

Analysis, Reporting & Media Monitoring

Working with our media partner Meltwater, we analyse the news for mentions of our clients, creating reports to illustrate public image and reputation.

Social Media Management & Measurement 

We strategically manage Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for our clients. We bring our knowledge on current trends, news and expertise to create engaging and reactive content.  As experts in social media consultation and strategy, we offer a full service, including development of tone of voice and communication style for each social platform, fast-moving and reactive content creation, and measurement of objectives to ensure our clients success across all their socials.

Media & Public Speaking Presentation Training

We get our clients ready for media, training them on what to say and how to behave in order to get the best results for their companies.