Vintage is cool, so why not the Elderly? 

February, 2018


Old people are usually left behind when it comes to advertising and innovation. On strategy marketing plans, we acknowledge what we think their main ’interests’  are and it is all boring and clueless. Funeral adds, hobbies tips or the number 1 risk: falls… When I will hit my 80s, I would like to not be surrounded by constant condescending reminders on my pending death.

Why not supporting them with fresh, aesthetic and innovative solutions instead of throwing stones at them with the wrong approach?

Nowadays, the wisest ones are connected, trendy, and sexually active. They crave for more attention. Advertising agencies and designers are slowly getting the memo.

Slowly, because seeing older people shows us what we are going to be like in the next 50 years or so. And usually, this mirror doesn’t reflect the stereotypes of beauty standards we have in mind…

WRONG! This Trend Report is all about inspiring us in finding solutions for them and so for us.


How to live the life


If you haven’t seen this brilliant and moving doco by the talented photographer and author Ari Seth Cohen yet, treat your eyes with a serious lesson of life, in style.

Full documentary: SBS


The Elderly are twitting loud


The use of social media, apps on devices and the growth of innovation strongly benefit to the grandparents. This way, they don’t fully fade to grey by feeling isolated. Instead, they thrive.

Read the full article here.




Priestman Goode finally created the holly accessory for Elderly. Highly practical as well as highly fashionable, the Scooter for Life was commissioned for the New Old exhibition at London’s Design Museum. A clever dive into how designers can enhance people’s day-to-day experiences in later life while keeping the old peeps fit.

Read the full article here.


Get vibrant on Netflix


Grace and Frankie are two divorced ladies. Their respective ex-husband had a secret romance for years, then came out and got married together. This show might be cheesy, however, it is also modern, bubbly and it explores the life of this funny pair starting a new chapter by inventing the best sex toy for senior women.

More advice from Joan Price, sexual expert for senior here.

Watch the trailer here.


New playground for Seniors


Innovative businesses such as Airbnb understood everything by adding the Seniors into their strategy. This is a new way to fight against loneliness, to create unexpected bonds with the younguests, to awaken their adventurous spirit, to revive great memories, to open a bottle of wine etc. Tips for Room Xchange?

Read the full article here.






Younger generations – us – need to listen to the oldests. We’ve heard this song so many times, we might have become bored of it. However, now is the best time to re-think solutions because we will get there eventually.

Thanks to the benefits of new technologies, new services, new freedoms we are noticing a change.

Older people I know don’t necessarily want to play scrabble and knit your new scarf. They love traveling and blog about it. They want to stay healthy, do Yoga and be part of this fast moving social life to stay away from the scary retirement house. They are more open to the idea of using smartphones, apps, social networks to fight isolation. New solutions are coming to life: in Spain, Ford links volunteers drivers to isolated old people for the BestDrive. In France, we are re-thinking retirement homes concept by linking seniors with host families. There is so much more to do rather than just getting a senior deal from a traveling agency.

The oldests are always here for us. It is time for us to return the favour.


Au revoir.