Women’s Day

January, 2018


Welcome to the very first trend report of Arize.

This report will be dedicated to the International Women’s Day with its Do’s and Don’t. We will be focusing on what happened that day inner Australia and around the world.


A heart-warming retrospective

Google Doodle pays tribute to wonderful women who made a significant change in this world.

Source: Google Doodle


The Women’s Rights Activist Gloria Steinem and Emmy-nominated WOMAN shows us a tragic reality in the US jails


‘Unscripted, raw and revelatory, on-the-ground realities, from sexualised violence in Democratic Republic of the Congo, to child brides in Zambia, femicides in El Salvador and mothers behind bars in the U.S. This season sees Steinem investigate these stories with the help of a global team of female journalists, including Australia’s Katherine Keating, political activist and editor of the forthcoming VICE Impact website.’ – Viceland

Watch WOMAN here.


The highly regarded architect Catherine Baudet has become a role model over the last 30 years


‘The Australian Institute of Architects has awarded the inaugural Paula Whitman Leadership in Gender Equity Prize to Catherine Baudet. Parlour extends its warmest congratulations to Catherine on this recognition of decades of advocacy for women in the profession’ – ArchiparlourRead the full article here.


Artists Arvida Byström and Molly Soda explore Instagram and its censorship towards the female body


 ‘The Female body is constantly policed – why would Instagram be any different?’ – Molly Soda Dazed and Confused shares with us the struggle that Instagram and its users are encountering in terms of censorship. Arvida Byström and Molly Soda have released a new book full of images that violated the platform’s Community Guidelines. This compendium of snaps highlights the problematic of the female body and our perception of it in the digital era.

Read the full article here.


Why the hell shall we put a skirt on the human traffic lights?


A topical debate put Swanston and Flinders on fire. While we wander on these streets, the globe wonders if gender equality has its place at traffic lights. By calling out a culture of sexism, is it fair then to categorise and reduce women to a skirt? With a younger generation believing in the no gender wave, with the acceptance and support of the transgender’s community, this is surely not the brightest idea. The stigma of the skirt is not anymore associated with females. Martine, let’s do some real actions here.

Read the full article here.


An app that detects Manterruption


Ok, this is a tricky one. We all at list once experienced a man who rudely and unnecessarily interrupted us while speaking. BETC São Polo has released on the International Women’s Day an app that stops men from doing that. However, is this a real necessity, or is it just too extreme? Are we walking down to a fully men-hate road for the sake of feminism? Let’s see if another advertising agency comes with the great idea of The Smashing Phones app.

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